How to Become a Successful Funeral Celebrant

This course enables you to take charge and conduct a funeral service for a friend, family or pet instead of leaving it to someone else.
Work your own hours during the week, which is a wonderful thing to have.


    You get 6 modules  which cover all aspects needed to make a competent funeral celebrant

    What do you get?

    You get downloadable mp3 files which will play on your phone and your computer. 

    Each module is transcribed into an easy to read PDF which will be instantly downloadable as soon as the purchase is made. 

    How does this course help you?

    You become confident in your ability to conduct a funeral service, working with funeral directors and families to produce the very best ceremony and celebration of their loved ones’ lives.  This will be a skill you will possess after going through this training

    Who is this for?
    If you are interested enough in someone's family to conduct their funeral service.  You may do this one time or turn this into a wonderful fulfilling business

    Why Get this Course

    Because funerals are personal, it’s an end of life celebration.
    We make a lot of fuss about getting married, we make a lot of fuss about the birth of a child, and very little fuss is usually made at the last minute about funerals.
    And really, it should be the most important ceremony of all.
    Your profitable funeral business has been created by someone who has been doing funeral services since 2005.

    Why wouldn't I just go and do the funeral celebrant training course put on by other consultants?
    Some funeral celebrant training courses cost $2,000.  You can access the training for 1/10th of the price.

    Do not attempt to do it yourself without this course
    An untrained funeral celebrant  can cause immeasurable misery


    "I'm Vicki Schramko - a practicing funeral celebrant from the Central Coast in New South Wales. I've done many, many senior roles in public speaking and I have also been to university, qualified in community organization management, so I've worked with people all my life, headed up large community organizations and it was something that I feel very deeply about as I've practiced and worked."

    Why I made this course
    Well, a lot of people have said to me they're too fearful about conducting a service but it will help them with confidence to do it.